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Strengthening Capacity in Research, Policy, and Management through Development of a Network of African Great Lakes Basin Stakeholders

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Workshop Organizers

Partners, sponsors, and collaborators

Lake Victoria

Fisheries Organization

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National Fisheries Resources Research Institute

ACARE LOGO White regular.jpg

African Center for Aquatic Research and Education

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African Centre of Excellence in Aquaculture and Fisheries

  Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources 


Kenyan Marine and Fisheries Research Institute


The Nature Conservancy

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Great Lakes Fishery Commission


Large Lakes Observatory - University of Minnesota


Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute

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IHE-Delft: United Nations - Institute for Water Education


Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences 


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Purpose and Background

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The photo was taken on November 7th, 2019 at the Imperial Golf View Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda.


Pictured are the participants of the African Great Lakes Stakeholder Network Workshop. Freshwater experts from 18 countries were in attendance, including members from each of the 10 riparian African Great Lakes Countries. The workshop resulted in the establishment of six multi-jurisdictional collaborative bodies to help address gaps in knowledge on each of the African Great Lakes. 

Photo: ACARE

During November 5-7, 2019, the African Center for Aquatic Research and Education and its in-country hosts, the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization and the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute held the African Great Lakes Stakeholder Workshop.

Members from all ten African Great Lakes riparian countries (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia) were in attendance, as were freshwater experts from the Belgium, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States. In all, there were 92 participants. 

The workshop's goals were to create lake-specific advisory groups of freshwater experts on each African Great Lake to serve as mechanisms for consistent, regular, and extensive collaboration and communications.

The workshop was a resounding success with six advisory groups being created by members of each lake's riparian country:


  • The Lake Albert/Edward Advisory Group

  • The Lake Kivu Advisory Group

  • The Lake Malawi/Niassa/Nyasa Basin Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Network

  • The Lake Tanganyika - Scientific Advisory Group

  • The Lake Turkana Advisory Group

  • The Lake Victoria Advisory Group

Each advisory groups will identify the most pressing research needs on each of the African Great Lakes. 

Research today is about partnerships and networks to share data, ideas, infrastructure, and, where necessary, costs. Researchers need to collaborate across disciplines and among universities and organizations around the world. Big questions and big problems require international efforts. Collaborative research networks constitute the basis for international understanding.

The workshop was a direct result of efforts in identifying challenges on the African Great Lakes and looking at successful collaborations on multi-jurisdictional lakes, including the Laurentian Great Lakes' Lake Committee process on which this process is based; the collaboration on Lake Victoria, coordinated by the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization; and the collaboration on Lake Tanganyika through the Lake Tanganyika Authority

The critical outcome of this workshop was the creation of a long-term process for consistent and regular collaboration and communications among experts on each African Great Lake

Each lake advisory group is tasked with:

  • Prioritization of research and research needs

  • Harmonization of:

    • Research approaches and data collection

    • Existing research resources, stations, and personnel

  • Accumulation of financial and research resources, from regional and global resources, to address prioritized research on each African Great Lake

The purpose of this process is so each lake can produce long-term, comparable, and peer reviewed data that can be used to positively influence policy and management.


Workshop Agenda and Resources

Presentations use and notice:

The presentations on this webpage have been generously provided by the attendees of the 2019 African Great Lakes Stakeholder Workshop. Presentations denoted with an * were created by individual presenters and any use of the materials contained within those presentations should be cited as such. Presentations denoted with ^ were generated through the collaborative efforts and processes of the workshop. 

DAY 1: Overview, Background, and Purpose

Welcome, Overview, Purpose

Kevin Obiero, Kenyan Marine and Fisheries Research Institute/ACARE (Moderator)

Dr. Richard Ogutu-Ohwayo, NaFIRRI

Dr. Anthony Taabu-Munyaho, LVFO

Mr. Dave Ullrich, Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Dr. Ted Lawrence, ACARE

Dr. Edward Rukuunya, Director of Fisheries, Uganda


The 2017 African Great Lakes Conference (Click to Download)* 

Peter Limbu/Patrick Doran, The Nature Conservancy


North American Great Lakes Fishery Management: From Chaos to Cooperation (click to Download)*

Commissioner Dave Ullrich, Great Lakes Fishery Commission


ACARE, a New Design for the African Great Lake (Click to Download)*

Dr. Kevin Obiero, ACARE/Kenyan Marine and Fisheries Research Institute


Collaborative Structure, Overview, and Needs of Each African Great Lake  


Lake Albert/Edward (Click to Download)*

              Oscar Wembo Ndeo, DRC 


Lake Kivu (Click to Download)*

Fabrice Muvundja, ISP-Bukavu & Catholic University of Bukavu, DRC

Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa (Click to Download)*

Maxon Ngochera, Malawi Fisheries Department 

Lake Tanganyika (Click to Download)*

Lloyd Haambiya, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

Lake Turkana (Click to Download)*

John Malala, KMFRI

Lake Victoria (Click to Download)*

Robert Kayanda, LVFO/ACARE

Lake Synthesis Discussion

Panel & Discussion: Examples of Collaboration, Success, Challenges and Needs

Dr. Robert Kayanda, Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization      

Dr. Bob Hecky, Great Lakes Fishery Commission/ACARE 

Ms. Beatrice Marwa, Lake Tanganyika Authority

Dr. Lily Kisaka, Lake Victoria Basin Commission


African Great Lakes Information Platform: The New Mechanism for Collaboration on the AGL (Click to Download)*

Ted Lawrence, ACARE


What Does "Best Case" African Great Lakes Collaboration Look Like? (Click to Download)^

Small group discussion


Report Out, Conclusions and Adjournment

Ted Lawrence, ACARE


DAY 2: Needs, Structure, and Development


Summary of Day 1: Outcomes and Direction

Ted Lawrence, ACARE


Purpose of Lake Specific Collaborations, Overview of the Day


Split into Lake-Specific Groups (concurrent sessions)


Lake Albert/Edward

Lake Kivu

Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Turkana

Lake Victoria


Agenda for Lake Specific Groups (Click to Download)

-  Review Ground Rules, Breakout Plan, and Breakout Group Roles

-  Introductions

-  Feasibility Assessment

-  Missing Players

-  Purpose of the Advisory Group

-  Advisory Group Structure

-  Advisory Group Roles and Leadership

-  Resources Needed for Advisory Group Success

Communications Tools

-  Next Steps and Annual Plan

-  Research and Policy Priorities (If time permits)

-  Policy Engagement Strategy (If time permits)

Split into Lake-Specific Groups (concurrent sessions)

Open review of Advisory Group progress

Lake-Specific Groups Continue Work (coffee/tea available)

Evaluate Progress

Reconvene as Plenary

DAY 3: Summary, Resources, and the Way Forward



Summary of Day 2: Outcomes and Direction


Overview Reports by Each Lake-Specific Advisory Group

Lake Albert/Edward (Click to Download)^

Dr. Oscar Wembo

Lake Kivu (Click to Download)^

Dr. Fabrice Muvundja

Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa (Click to Download)^

Dr. Geoffrey Chavula

Lake Tanganyika (Click to Download)^

Dr. Lloyd Haambiya

Lake Turkana (Click to Download)^

Dr. John Malala

Lake Victoria (Click to Download)^

Dr. Anthony Taabu-Munyaho

Group Discussion

Lightning Talks on Partnership, Collaboration and Sustainability

John Walakira, NAFIRRI (Click to Download)*

Erik Brown, Large Lakes Observatory-University of Minnesota (Click to Download)

Andrew Gemmell, United Nations (Click to Download)*

Alan Brooks, USAID

Evans Miriti, University of Nairobi (Click to Download)*

Tony Vodacek, Rochester Institute of Technology (Click to Download)*

Scott Higgins, International Institute of Sustainable Development (Click to Download)

Plenary Discussion for Next Steps and Realization

A message from Mr. Dave Ullrich:

Approaches to Fisheries and Ecosystem Management: Great Lakes of North America-Great Lakes of Africa (Click to View)


Closing and Sign Resolution of Support (Click to Download)



Workshop Photos

Terms of Use for Photos

All of the photographs featured on the African Center for Aquatic Research and Education's (ACARE) website have been provided for distribution. ACARE provides these photographs for noncommercial purposes to the public and its partners, free for use. Credit should be given to the photographer if associated with the photo, or in the absence of a photographer's name, to ACARE.


ACARE uses reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, correctness and reliability of the images provided in this photo gallery, but ACARE makes no warranties as to the accuracy, correctness or reliability of the image or accompanying information. 

Organization committee and contacts

International Organizing Committee

African Center for Aquatic Research and Education (USA/Canada):

Ted Lawrence (Focal person), Jess Ives (logistics), Steph Smith (logistics)

Local Organizing Committee

The Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (Jinja, Uganda)

Dr. Robert Kayanda (Focal person) and Ms. Claire Mukobi (logistics)

National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (Jinja, Uganda)

Conference Contact

Ted Lawrence:

ACARE Business Office: 

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African Center for Aquatic Research and Education

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