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Opportunities with ACARE

IISD-ACARE has passionate staff, consultants, and board members working around the world and across many disciplines. We are constantly seeking new experts to help us address the issues that face fresh water, especially issues that negatively affect the African Great Lakes. As we say: "It takes more than a village". Please continually check this page for new opportunities to work with us.

ACARE’s education and training program in part seeks to address academic and training challenges in Africa, including limited specialized academic programs, low uptake of academic programs, the absence of career guidance, limited availability of in-field-training programs, and inadequate funding. This role seeks someone who will think beyond traditional academic programs, and seek unique and uncommon solutions to advancing education and training in the AGL region. 

Open Consultancy Position:
Education & Training Program Coordinator 

Open Consultancy Position:
Information & Data Program Coordinator 

ACARE’s information and data program in part seeks to address scientific information and data exchange issues on large, freshwater African lakes. Understanding the ecological functioning and socio–economic values of these resources is critical to inform their mid- and long-term sustainable use. Management and protection of the lakes depends on quality, comprehensive, and time-series data to make good decisions. The purpose of this position is to ensure that all data, publications, and other information are collected or identified and made available for use in making the AGL healthy.

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