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Advisory Groups

ACARE facilitates a long-term scientific network to strengthen science and capacity in research, policy, and management on the seven African Great Lakes, and partners with global entities to conduct various programs and projects.

Understanding that no one institution or entity can solve the problems on large lake resources, ACARE created six African Great Lakes Advisory Groups in 2019. Each group consists of African freshwater experts drawn from the riparian countries on which they exist. 

Advisory Group Structure:

Members* are defined as:

  1. A resident of a riparian country bordering the lake in which they are working on;

  2. An expert on subjects relating to freshwater or large-lake sciences or issues on the lake(s) of that specific advisory group.


Expert Guests are defined as:

  1. Someone who has experience, knowledge or other value and can assist in specific areas of research, funding, strategy, projects, or processes. An Expert Guest is typically asked to join a meeting for a specific purpose.

Advisors* are defined as:

  1. A large-lakes or freshwater expert invited or requested to be a part of regularly scheduled, specific advisory group meetings and who has the appropriate background and desire to assist the group in strengthening science.

Observers  are defined as:

  1. Someone who is either requested or requests to attend a specific advisory group’s meeting(s). This might include a funder, someone with a relevant project who wants to attend and engage, or someone who is simply interested in the lake and learning about cooperative processes.

Request to Attend an Advisory Group Meeting


* This is a formal position on the advisory group. To apply and become a part of the advisory group in this position, you must meet the requirements and go through the process described in the terms of reference of the advisory group you wish to attend. You can access the terms of reference on the specific advisory group pages below and request to be a member or advisor. 

# To be an observer, one must request to take part in a meeting at least five days prior to the meeting. 

Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups

Edward Albert.JPG

The LEAAG consists of experts from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, the two lake's riparian countries. 


The LMBFAN is made up of experts from the riparian countries of Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. 


The LKAG is made up of experts from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. 


The LT-SAG members are from the four riparian countries of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Turkana logo.jpg

The LTuAG members are from Ethiopia and Kenya.


Photos: T. Lawrence, ACARE.

LVAG members are from the riparian countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. 


Combined Advisory Group Reports

Each of the six advisory groups meet monthly to discuss issues on their respective lake(s). An overall, every-two-month report of the six advisory groups can be viewed below. To view individual monthly reports of each advisory group, you can request them here.

Bi-monthly advisory group reports





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