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Council of
Advisory Groups
Lake Tanganyika-Science Advisory Group
Lake Turkana Advisory Group
Lake Victoria Advisory Group
Lake Kivu
Advisory Group
Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa Basin Fisheries & Aquaculture Network
Lake Edward-Albert Advisory Group

IISD-ACARE: regional scientific and education harmonization

IISD-ACARE serves as a secretariat to administer the larger AGL collaborative process, regarding:

  • Advisory Groups and Council of Advisory Groups

  • Provide travel support for group members, meeting support for each group, and facilitate communications among members

  • Support communications and development of Specialty Groups

  • Develop and execute a larger, triennial African Great Lakes Research Conference with regional and global partners

  • Enhance and strengthen education and training on aquatic resources


Coordinates meetings, communication, and information transfer

Advisory Groups: lake-specific expertise and harmonization

Established in 2019, each Advisory Group consists of experts from the riparian country of their lake. Membership is determined by the needs of that group, whether scientific, academic, managerial, or political. Each Advisory Group will meet to:

  • Prioritize research on their lake

  • Provide updates of on-going research

  • Exchange information and data & present trends

  • Identify research partnerships and opportunities

  • Develop policy & management solutions

Meets annually

The Council of Advisory Groups: inter-basin knowledge transfer

Consists of members from each individual Advisory Group, ensuring harmonization across basins. The Council of Advisory Groups will meet biennially to ensure that research is harmonized and can be compared across basins, that resources, when necessary, can enhance research regionally when objectives are similar, and act as a global, expert resource on inter-jurisdictional cooperation.

Meets biennially

Education & Training
Technical Committee(s)
for each
Advisory Group
Education & Training

Technical & Regional Issue-Specific Groups

Each lake’s Advisory Group can form technical committees to address lake-specific needs. These groups can meet independent of, and report to, their specific Advisory Group.

Issue-specific groups are formed when regional- or project-specific information is needed. These groups can be formed to address such issues that span the region, such as long-term monitoring, aquaculture, and climate change.

Committees or groups meet as needed

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