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To increase the awareness of the African Great Lakes to the broader community, we have designed a couple of shirts. We want to highlight the existence of these incredible natural resources which make up 25% of the earth's freshwater^.

The first design is a simple blue Africa, highlighting the lakes (they appear larger on the map than they actually are).

The second design uses the pan-African colors, inspired by the Ethiopian flag and influenced many other African country and organization flags. 

All shirts have dark blue lettering on front and back and are made of soft cotton.

All proceeds of these shirts go to our African Women in Science program which increases women's participation in the freshwater and large lake scientific community.

You can also donate directly to ACARE!

Blue Blue W.jpg
Blue Blue M.jpg
Blue Pan W.jpg
Blue Pan M.jpg
White Pan W.jpg
White Pan M.jpg
Back of all shirts
Shirt back words.jpg
Shirt back words.jpg

African Great Lakes proud!*


Unfortunately, these shirts are no longer available to order, but if you are interested in getting one, please let us know by clicking the blue button below. 

All donations from the United States are tax deductible. We apologize to all of our international donors and partners for the brief exclusion of tax benefits

*We humbly use the amazing North American "Great Lakes Proud" for the idea of pride in our natural resources to fund worthy endeavors to protect our large lakes


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