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Join us in making the African Great Lakes greater!

Your generous donations will help ACARE and its partners positively influence policy and management of the African Great Lakes by:

  • increasing the capacity of African freshwater experts through courses, training, and experiential education, and,

  • developing and administering a perpetual system of collaboration to cultivate more robust, holistic, and efficient research efforts, leading to stronger science, data, and information regarding the African Great Lakes.

The intent of ACARE and its partners is to ensure that the millions of Africans dependent on the African Great Lakes for food, drinking water, and employment can realize their own visions of livelihoods, justice, democracy, and peace.

To do this, ACARE serves as a long-term, highly collaborative center of excellence dedicated to positively influencing policy and management through its academic programs and facilitation of strong collaborative processes. 

If you are an organization or business that would like to donate financially, in-kind, or otherwise, please contact us.

All donations from the United States are tax deductible. We apologize to all of our international donors and partners for the brief exclusion of tax benefits. 

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