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The African Great Lakes support millions of people with protein, clean water, and transportation, but also face notable challenges, including climate change, agricultural runoff, deforestation, and over-harvest of fish. Attempts to address the challenges often fall short due, in part, to the under-investment in research institutions and unharmonized and disparate approaches to research.


Environmental problems are often addressed by international agencies targeting short-term objectives, resulting in piecemeal results. Strengthening research capacity in developing countries can bolster long-term, strategic commitments, stable funding, and address ecosystem approaches to resource development and management.


Research capacity, therefore, is one of the prerequisites for meeting development goals. ACARE is partnering with scientists and research institutes globally to enhance the capacity of riparian nations to conduct ecosystem research and monitoring to support sustainable basin development around the African Great Lakes. 

We are working to establish advisory groups on each of the African Great Lakes, led by African leaders in research, science, and management and policy, to prioritize and direct critical research on these valuable resources.

To learn more about how to become involved with ACARE concerning research on the African Great Lakes, contact us

Photos: T. Lawrence, ACARE.

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