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An NSF funded program

Advanced Studies Institute on Water Quality and Harmful Algal blooms in lake victoria, Kenya

Kenyan Application Page


Criteria for Kenyan Participants:

  • You must be working or studying HABs (algal bloom issues or issues related to algal blooms/phytoplankton) OR have a strong background in freshwater sciences.

  • If you are a student, you must meet the following criteria to be a strong candidate for this program:

    • Enrolled in an accredited academic institution

    • Must be pursuing a Masters (2nd year or later) - or PhD-level degree;

    • Studying freshwater systems, specifically harmful algal blooms (HABS)


A successful candidate will:

  • Receive round-trip transportation from home institution/town to the program site in Kisumu, Kenya

  • Receive lodging, meals, and local transportation during the scheduled program

  • Have access and use of research equipment and/or consumables necessary for the program


A successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Engage and work with a U.S. counterpart, both in research in the field, and when creating final reports.

  • Be able to participate in at least three-weeks of field work, at least five days of which will be on a research vessel in Kenyan waters of Lake Victoria.


If you have questions about the criteria or whether this program is a good fit for you, please contact Dr. George Bullerjahn.

Applications for Field Season 2023 season are now closed

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