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Diane Umutoni headshot.jpg

Ms. Diane Umutoni 

AWIS Coordinator, ACARE

Ms. Diane Umutoni is a hydrobiologist by training. Her most recent work was for Akagera National Park in Eastern Rwanda, East Africa, where in addition to wildlife conservation, she developed the odonata (dragon and damsel flies) monitoring for the park as an indicator species and improved fisheries data collection to assist in decision making. Her other interests include water pollution, environmental DNA, and fisheries management.

Diane was born and raised in a family that didn’t have access to higher education, in part due to the history of her country Rwanda; this pushed Diane to study subjects that were tailored to boys: but she persisted. Diane earned her Undergraduate in Wildlife and Aquatic Resources Management at the University of Rwanda, the former Umutara Polytechnic and followed that by earning her Master’s in Natural Sciences in Hydrobiology at the Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China. 

She has been training women to unlock their leadership potential with Resonate in Rwanda, work that gave her an opportunity to understand women more and what they are capable of. She learned how successful women are stronger, more brilliant, and empowered. She believes in women empowerment and wishes to see African women shining. 

Diane Umutoni is a mother, a wife, an adventurer. She likes music and reading. She believes that we all deserve a safe, clean, world, with enough water for all.

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