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IISD-ACARE is ensuring the best knowledge is gathered and used for healthy African Great Lakes

Management of large lakes needs to be based on facts, using data, measurements, and other scientific measures. Without good information, decisions can only be based on guesses, leading to poor outcomes

Ultimate goal

To insure a continuous long-term monitoring system of basic but important data, both aquatically and terrestrially of the seven major African Great Lakes to enhance scientific knowledge and provide useful information to lake authorities, managers, and researchers.


Monitoring themes


Fives themes are considered:

(1) Limnology (field and remote sensing) (first step)

(2) Fisheries (first step)

(3) Meteorology (first step)

(4) Biodiversity (second step)

(5) Land use and erosion (second step)

See the process to reach our goals with this road map


Section 1: Your Information

Section 2: Institutional Information

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