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The International Association for Great Lakes Research

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

June 8-12, 2020

African Women in Science

See criteria and application steps below


Welcome to the African Women in Science campaign.


This page is for those women applying to be a part of the International Association for Great Lakes Research conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 8-12, 2020

ACARE is facilitating the participation of between 5-20 (funding dependent) African students and early career women.


This effort aims to both grow the network of freshwater experts globally and to include more women freshwater experts in the African Great Lakes region. 

Further, this campaign's purposes include:

  • Growing the global freshwater network of experts

  • Benefiting the global freshwater community through your involvement, input, and expertise

  • Increasing the global view of freshwater resources for yourself and others

  • Gaining input on your research, writing, scientific approaches, and other aspects of your work

  • Enhancing your network of expertise to solve issues on your resource

  • Potentially strengthening your future opportunities for research, careers, and knowledge


Criteria and Steps for this Campaign:

1) To qualify for funding, applicants must be an African woman and:

  • either be in a graduate program (MS, PhD) or graduated in the last 7 years 

  • be working on large lake issues (water quality, fisheries, monitoring, management, etc)

  • give an oral presentation at IAGLR 2020

2) Once your eligibility has been determined, you will be contacted by an ACARE representative and instructed how to apply to give an oral presentation at the IAGLR conference. Depending on funding you may be approved or waitlisted.

You may give an oral presentation in any session at the conference. Examples of sessions from IAGLR 2019 are at this link (see pages 23-26; note that sessions will be different in 2020). Sessions for IAGLR 2020 will be published in Mid-December 2019.

3) Once accepted to present an oral presentation at IAGLR 2020, ACARE will contact you to confirm your funded status. 

If you are accepted AND funding is available, you will:

  • Be flown to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from your closest major airport, to attend the IAGLR 2020 conference, June 8-20, 2020.

  • Give an oral presentation at a session of your choice. The purpose of this is to:

    • Receive feedback from experts in your field about your research, studies, presentation styles

  • Be invited to attend a special social-networking event with academic, managerial, policy, and other members of the global freshwater community. The purpose of this event is to:

    • Grow your social networks, strategize future direction, and make professional connections

  • Have the opportunity to attend the annual Graduate Student Mixer

  • Potentially visit a regional research facility or university campus

    • Furthering exposure to resources, approaches, and experts in the field.


With questions, please contact here or


We look forward to hearing from you,

Jess Ives, ACARE Director of Operations & Steph Smith, Strategic Advisor

[1] Support includes round-trip flight from the participants nearest airport, lodging, meals, visas, and associated costs from their home and return.

[2] To receive support for this project, participants must be accepted into a session for an 0ral presentation at IAGLR 2020. Participants can present in any session at IAGLR.

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