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Raising funds and drinking beer for science . . . freshwater science!

June 5th, 2018


Arbor Brewing Company - Corner Brewery

720 Norris St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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7p-8p: Trivia ($10/person suggested donation to play)

Prizes for top three teams or individuals, generously donated by ABC

1st: $25 gift card

2nd: $15 gift card

3rd: $10 gift card

6:30p-8:30p: Silent Auction

Can't make it to the event? You can still help make the world of freshwater experts come together!

Auction Items Include:

Joel McHale's signed autobiography!


Exclusively for this event, comedian, and television and film star Joel McHale generously gave ACARE a signed copy of his book with a note inside thanking whoever bids for this prize!

Actual copy is pictured (left). Joel signed the cover, second signature and note are inside. 

Donated (and written) by Joel McHale

One-hour flight over the Ann Arbor-Detroit region

Pilot Danette Bull is a Flight Instructor at Solo Aviation (Ann Arbor).  She has been flying since the late 1990s and is an aviation enthusiast. She is donating a flight for up to three people over the region in her four-seat Piper Archer (photo of her aircraft, left). 

Have you ever viewed your house from above? How about Lake Erie or the Michigan Football Stadium? Choose your adventure!*

Donated by Danette Bull

*Limited radius and flight patters apply, the pilot will assist! 

The Event:


ACARE is holding this fundraiser


The African Great Lakes provide food, employment, and drinking water for millions of people. These lakes are in peril, threatening people’s ability to realize their own vision of livelihoods, justice, equity, democracy, and peace. To help arrest and reverse the environmental degradation of the African Great Lakes and their basins, it is necessary to ensure that a capable and knowledgeable research and management community is active within the region, and that this community is sustainable in perpetuity.


Based on calls from freshwater experts, managers and policy makers in Africa for increased capacity development, ACARE was formed by freshwater experts from Africa, North America, and Europe in July, 2017 to facilitate essential research, monitoring, education, and knowledge management to ensure the continued well-being of the lakes and their resource users.


To begin the process of strengthening the scientific community, the fundraiser intends to raise $2,000 to bring four African freshwater scientists (see a description of them here) from Kenya, Malawi, and Ghana to the International Association of Great Lakes Research conference, to be held June 18-22, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario.

Those who enjoy beer, science, and wish to test their trivia knowledge about large freshwater lakes, Africa, and a bevy of other issues are invited to attend. In addition to trivia, a silent auction will take place (see description of items on the left).

Hand Crafted wooden canoe paddle 

Mike Ives, a small town Ontario doctor, makes handmade wooden paddles near the shores of Lake Huron on Georgian Bay in his spare time. Pictured is one of his paddles that will be on auction.

You can start paddling on our freshwater lakes and rivers by bidding on this.

Created and donated by Dr. Mike Ives, Ontario

Founders CBS (2017 Release)

TWO (2) Bottles 

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout! What is that? It is "one of the most highly sought-after beers in the world" described as a "transcendental drinking experience". 

And we have two (2)!

This is an imperial stout brewed with chocolate and coffee aged in maple syrup-bourbon barrels.

ABV: 11.7%

Donated by Jeff McAulay and Nick Ebinger

Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout (2015)

You read that right, we have one of these rare beers.

This beer is a demonic Russian-Style Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, Mexican vanilla, and Indian sugar.

Available one day a year, in April at the brewery: Dark Lord Day . . . or, you know, June 5th!

ABV: 15%

Recommended 2 years aging, so this is prime!

Donated by Jeff McAulay

Neige - Quebec Ice Cider

We've done all of the translating on this one. Our Quebecois neighbors produce some fine products and we present to you here an ice cider from Hemmingford, Southwest Quebec.


This cider is described as an autumn harvest of Macintosh, Cortland, and Spartan apples with a crisp, flavorful attack of pit fruit, apple skin, and white flower! I repeat, an attack!

Donated by Michèle Leduc-Lapierre

Great Lakes Fish - carving and painting

(two sided w/ driftwood stand)

Great Lakes Fish - carving and painting

(two-sided, natural)

Great Lakes artist, Judith Ives, lives in Alton, Ontario, between Lakes Erie and Huron. 

Judith integrates the grains, knots, and other “natural perfections” into her art. She donated two pieces to the auction, one a colorful fish on a driftwood stand. The other is a stand-alone piece using, mostly, the natural colors and grains of the wood.


Created and donated by Judith Ives, See more of her work at Susan Rainbow Ltd. 


Ontario-based Tallgrass Mead has generously donated three bottles of their micro-batch, craft meads. These meads are a pyment, meaning they are made with grapes. All of the grapes and honey are produced in the Great Lakes region. All of the meads are produced with love.

Each bottle will be auctioned separately.

2016 ChardonnYAY - Mead with Chardonnay grapes

You won't believe that this well-balanced Chardonnay is a pyment (grape mead)!


This wine is a classic unoaked cold-climate Chardonnay with a honey characteristic as an interesting twist.


Soft floral flavours with muted citrus. 
Made with Ontario clover honey and grapes from the Beamsville area.

2015 Prairie Girl - Mead made with Riesling grapes

A blend of Beamsville riesling juice and Ontario honey, fermented to dryness. Bright acidity with tropical fruit notes. Pairs well with a wide range of meals, from sauces and meats to tangy Asian fare.

2016 All Day Rosé - Mead with Gamay Noir Rosé grapes

This mead is a true rosé - we crushed fresh Gamay Noir grapes, pressed the juice off the skins, and then immediately blended with a honey and water base before fermentation.


The result is a medium-sweet mead with the strongest honey characteristic of any of our pyments (grape meads), bursting with flavours of black currant and strawberry, and balanced by a hint of minerality from the Niagara-on-the-Lake soils.

All meads made and donated by Elaine Ferrier of Tallgrass Mead.


Find out more about Tallgrass by visiting: their webpage or Facebook page.

Handcrafted tea towel*

Decorative as well as useful, a tea towel (translation: dish towel or, simply, towel) can be used to present fine dishes (such as those pictured) and to clean up nasty spills (like the one that occurred after the photo was taken). 



Created and donated by Pat Ives

*please note that the tea towel does not come with the salmon, the plate the salmon is on, the cream cheese, capers, or the beer. 

Cultivate Coffee & Tap House mug and freshly roasted* African coffee

Our friends at Cultivate have generously donated some of their freshly roasted coffee and a mug to put the sweet nectar in once you have brewed it.

We are honored to be friends with these generous people and their efforts to do good and cultivate community . . . here and abroad.

Roasted and donated by Ryan and Bekah Wallace of Cultivate Coffee & Tap House

*The coffee will be roasted near the date of the event!

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