African Women in Science (AWIS)

2021 Program

The notion that women have been disenfranchised from work in the sciences is not new. At ACARE, we decided to create a program to change this by creating a long-term program that includes training, education, and mentoring.

The program has two major aspects:

1) To advance women in science and aide in their development and progress as scientists and in their professional endeavors, and,


2) Advance science on freshwater and large-lakes by adding more of the perspective, input, and knowledge to the scientific community.

The AWIS program is a ten-month program. As of 2021, details of the program are being developed. Plans for a one-month international exchange are in the works. The program as a whole will be multifaceted and include:

Trainings, including: 

  • media relations
  • writing for science, policy, and public outreach

  • meeting facilitation

  • relevant field sampling and lab assessment

  • leadership in natural resources

  • Networking events at international symposia, which will include the participants meeting other early-, mid-, and late-career women scientists to build a supportive community and mentor–mentee relationships

  • Attendance at international conferences to present their work and integrate into the larger scientific community

Mentorship program

  • Connect each participating scientist with a senior scientist working on a relevant research topic. Start with a minimum one-on-one meeting(s) with potential for informal mentorship and with potential for scale up

International. Each participant be invited to attend the annual International Association of Great Lakes Research conference, held annually in North America, so that they may:

  • Increase the global view of freshwater resources, for themselves, and others

  • Gain input on their research, writing, scientific approaches, and other aspects of their work

  • Enhance their network of expertise to solve issues on their resource

  • Strengthen their future opportunities for research, careers, and knowledge

  • Offer solutions and input to other global freshwater experts 

Mini research program

  • Each participating scientist has a small research program that they are either currently doing as part of their jobs/roles, or they might select to explore through the 10-month program.

  • End goal might be to create a short paper/journal article on their selected topic, with inputs along the way from all their sessions/mentorship.

  • Presentations by the participants on their research topics would be one of the outputs at the end of the program

Expectations of participants:

To Give

  • Commit to full participation in monthly programming over the course of 10 months

  • Use the experiences to build your current work

  • Map your journey along the way to share with the group

  • Present your progress to the group

  • Have opportunities to present their work/research 


  • Make peer connections in a transboundary cohort

  • Build their professional network

  • Take part in relevant skills training

  • Gain insight to grow their leadership

Applying to the program

The AWIS 2021 application process is closed.

Check the AWIS Program Page to see when the next program application process is scheduled. 

2021 Cohort