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African Women in Science (AWIS)

2025 Program

The African Women in Science program is a transformative initiative for early-career African women scientists from the African Great Lakes region. The program aims to build capacity and offer mentorship opportunities for African women scientists who are actively engaged in African Great Lakes and freshwater research.

Participants will be a part of a 11-month cohort of African women scientists and become the next generation of African women scientists catalyzing positive change in the African Great Lakes.


2025 Cohort

The 2025 AWIS Cohort will be listed here during November 2023. 


2025 AWIS Sponsors


The African Women in Science (AWIS) program is actively seeking partnerships. The success of AWIS relies on the support of donors who recognize what investing in the next generation of freshwater experts means for our global freshwater future. Together, we can answer the global call to enhance the participation of women in solving our most critical freshwater issues. To support the AWIS program please reach

Ted Lawrence, IISD-ACARE Executive Director: 

The African Women in Science (AWIS) program is a joint program through the International Institute of Sustainable Development and the African Center for Aquatic Research and Education.

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