2022 Annual Meeting of the
African Great Lakes Stakeholder Network:

Highlighting the Scientific, Research, and Policy Needs on the African Great Lakes 

February 13-14, 2023 
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


The African Great Lakes Stakeholder Network is a highly collaborative group of freshwater and large lakes experts from around the world. At the heart of the network is over 100 African Great Lakes members who are, together, addressing the most critical issues on these seven lakes which hold over 25% of the world's freshwater and support millions of people.

As experts, our need to work collaboratively is paramount. To ensure the sustained heath of freshwater resources, we must work across borders so that individual interests do not supersede the needs of larger communities that rely on these resources. We must ensure consistent and long-term scientific inquiry takes place so that we have the ability to make positive decisions based on information that is more complete. When we work together, our collective knowledge, passion, and resources allow us to solve the challenges that threaten these resources.

During this 2022 in-person Annual Meeting you will be updated on the past year's progress of the six advisory groups which are made up of experts from the ten riparian countries of the African Great Lakes.

Guests and observers are welcome to attend and participate.

The African Great Lakes Stakeholders Network, and this meeting, are facilitated by the African Center for Aquatic Research and Education and developed, informed, and advised by the partners and experts working on the African Great Lakes

2022 Annual Meeting


Fill out by October 15, 2022

Annual Meeting Agenda
Updated: July 11, 2022

Fill out by October 15, 2022

Day 1

Monday, February 13, 2023


  • Plenary Session I: The challenges we continually face and what we need to do to address them

    • AWIS

    • Monitoring

    • Education and Training

    • Communications

    • Partnerships

    • Etc. 

  • Plenary Session II: 

  • Social and Networking Event

Day 2

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

  • Opening Remarks - Dr. 

  • Overview, background, and purpose - Dr. 

  • Advisory Group Concurrent Meetings (invitation only): 

    • Lake Victoria Advisory Group

    • Lake Edward Albert Advisory Group

    • Lake Kivu Advisory Group

    • Lake Malawi/Niassa/Nyasa Basin Fisheries & Aquaculture Network

    • Lake Tanganyika Science Advisory Group

    • Lake Turkana Advisory Group 

  • Summary and close of day 1
  • Social and Networking Event

Partners and Sponsors

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Venue and Hotels

Julius Nyerere International Convention Center

57QR+HVJ, Shaaban Robert St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


There are many hotels nearby the convention center. You will be responsible for securing your own hotel which is a part of your per diem (see "Attendance Guidelines" below.

Attendance Guidelines

  • Per diem in Tsh

  • Travel to/from venue

  • other items

Organization committee and contacts

Meeting Contact, Questions, and Inquiries

Ted Lawrence:

ACARE Business Office: 

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African Center for Aquatic Research and Education